Three Cheeese Pizza #bakermode #pizza #snack #staycation

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I want so many fluffy dresses I can’t even count them and then put them all on at once and look like a cream cake and then laugh at myself because I’m a huge nerd

all the fluffy dresses for me now pls


Vegan Pizza -  As Requested!

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false-verisimilitude asked: Hello btw love your art and your style! I draw and paint graffiti but it's been so long since I've drawn or created anything. People ignore my work so I just stopped, but I love seeing the work of other people.

Thanks! I know graffiti styles can be hard to find an audience for, but you can do it if you keep on trying, I’m sure!

vixiefoxpaw asked: F-food porn s-sets an unreasonable s-standard of beauty f-for pizza a-and foxgirls!

false-verisimilitude asked: Ma'am I'm gonna have to politely ask you to tag your food porn seeing as I've jizzed in my pants and am buying pizza at 8am... (I'm kidding btw)

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I got commissioned to color this cool transformation comic a while back, and it is now available in The Transformation Repository   for 9 whole US dollars.

If you’re interested, it comes as a PDF, with 50 full color comic pages AND cover and inside-cover spreads - full page view recommended.  Lots of female animal transformation process, hair growth, BE, multiple breasts, etc.  Nudity.

Here’s the page if you wish to donate and get the pdf

Written and commissioned by thrandrall
Drawn by zanfadar
And colors (+a little bit of editing here and there) by me!

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