schizophrenia222 said: Fav animated show you've been watching lately?

Proooobably adventure time. And my favrite animated movie recently has been Red Line. The music and the style are awersome.


an artist’s favorite question

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Vore Request Week is Live



We officially have reached VRW! Send in any and all requests that you have to this blog (however you would like to!) from August 21st-31st!

I do NOT promise to do every single request. I do NOT  plan on telling you whether or not I will draw your request. And if at any point you begin to harass me over whether or not I’ve chosen, drawn, or plan to draw your request, I will turn anon off and block your ass so hard it’ll make your head spin.

Let’s have fun! Send in requests! Gogogogogo~!

Send all requests to thehungrysuccubus blog! (Not mine. Any sent to duckubus will be ignored.)

Signal boosting this!

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monsterwhitt said: lmao, getting labled a brony


*shrug* I don’t really care what people call it. I like the show and draw stuff relevant to it occasionally (like I do for adventure time and some other shows, too). To some people it means I’m a brony, to some people it means I’m a fan and to some people it doesn’t really mean anything.

It sort of makes me sad that some bad seeds have sort of spoiled the term brony, though. It’s been a puntastic and a silly term from the beginning, but fandom names often are.

Anonymous said: You're a brony with a pony tumblr?!?! Yes please!!


Includes nsfw, so be wary.

I like this sudden influx of questions and other stuff you’ve sent me is ask form.

Anonymous said: I love your NSFW stuff, in fact you're one of my fav artist :D but I like your stuff so much that I can ask actually to see some of your SFW stuff? I mean like maybe just daily doodles and finished stuff, or whatever you got! You're just awesome, I need more of your art in my life ^_^

sadly, I’m not that active elsewhere, so no daily doodles and the like. My sfw DA is embarrasingly out of date and I haven’t updated my sfw comic in ages.

It’s super old but it’s sketchy and 100% sfw so I guess here you go. Feel free to laugh and reblog this everywhere so everyone else can laugh at me, too. I post there about once a month maybe sometimes and never really do a good job. Ah well.

I also have a pony tumblr. Lemme know if you want that link.

Anonymous said: Can I have your babies? o_o

Sry no I’m a gal and thus not able to set my seed into anyone even if I really, really tried :(

Also in a committed relationship lol

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monsterwhitt said: how much of the commissions that you do contain personal fetishes for you?

Depends on the commission. some more than others… I draw commissions even if the don’t have any fetishes of mine… though I suppose those commissions are usually private and not posted online at all, since they tend to contain themes that aren’t compatible with the sites I post to.

Usually the fetishy commissions I post have at least one of m fetishes, though. People are used to seeing certain kind of content in my page and tend to ask for similar stuff… understandably so.

Anonymous said: Opinion on lactation?

Can be cool, depending on how it’s introduced. It’s not  a personal fetish of mine, but could definitely see myself drawing more of it. It’s actually very fun to draw. :)

Anonymous said: Ever thought of trying full on animation?

I have! Though to be fair, it’s all choppy and stuff because it takes a metric shit ton of time.



And a lot of gifs that have been buried somewhere in my tumblr feed.