My favorite pages of Dia Daygon


Well, that was the last page of Diva’s Hunger. 

It’s been fun, but ultimately every comic has to end.

I’m actually suprised it continued that long - it was a freebie comic, after all.


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zeromonochrome asked: I had a dream last night that you came over to my house and read some erotic fiction to my family, and brought your pet tarantula which died and was served to for dinner?? Happy Easter

Oh, cool! I hope you had a good time XD

I also wish that I’d have a pet tarantula.


Imagine your icon being tiny and living with you

aww yes, I get a little tiny person with a nice rack running about. VICTORY!

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Some fine G1NA butt.

Anonymous asked: Ami can have a Afro??? i mean if she can change her body, can his hair too? Thx for see!



Yo’ll just sayings dat cuz she half-amazon.



lol Ami what

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I’m thinking…

 about starting an image series introducing G1NA’s features - starting from her default features, such as household chores and such. Do you peeps have any ideas or wishes?