Miha and Vera!

Just something I’m trying to learn.

The lines are meter marks.

The first image, left to right:

-Unnamed Abomination,Fey,Sis,Violet, Emmy (the blue fairy), Vivi(the violet fairy), Blanca, Sphinx, Kasindra, Vrayya, Vera, Lanae, Danae, Besse, Syla

Second Image:

The macros are Tara(humanoid) and Miha (Taur)

Third image:

The biggest character in the third image is Rayna, and she’s a mermaid.

Fourth image:

Here are the four fairies: Vivi, Jirra and Emmy.

(Source: anime-domination)

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Here’s the Alice Margatroid sequence I drew a while back.

bloop bloop this again.

I just wanted to show those zoom-ins. Aww yess.

too hot

can’t work

I need ice cream or something

please send me ice cream

Some Syla oldies

Anonymous said: So theres no chance youll ever continue the harley quinn/ivy sequence? It looked so great

There is a chance, but to be honest it’s not very high unless commissioned to do so. I’d actually want to restart it and make it in a lot more high quality, and for now that takes too much time to do in my spare time.

I’m glad to hear you liked it though, and will definitely keep it in my list of things to do when I have the time. Sadly, I just don’t have that now :,(